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Saturday, July 25, 2009

last night, we had our "ACCOUNTANCY NIGHT".
it's the acquaintance party of accountancy studs.
i had fun.

an amazing thing happened,
i was announced as 2nd place of the "WIZ KIDS" contest which happened yesterday morning.
winners of the said event will represent our school for the upcoming convention on September.
i didn't expect this to happen.
joining that contest was not really part of my plan, we were there to join the collage-making contest.
it was a privilege but at the same time very stressful.

posted by jel @ 11:08 PM

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

another lazy Wednesday morning.
since we have no classes every wednesday and this day is considered as the "activity day" of our school.
but sad to say, there`s no activity announced.
result? i have to stay at home and do nothing. :[
i'm not allowed to hang out with my friends this time. ouch! how sad...

i was scanning pictures from My Documents, look what i've got.

left to right: VIANNIE, ME, LIBERTY

these are my BEST-est friends ever!

VIANNIE, she's one year older. pero the level of pag-iisip is the same with us.
also isip-bata. :))
she's far from us, she's in cebu right now.
aww. :[

LIBERTY, the youngest but mind you, she's the tallest.
nyahaha. we go to the same school but she's taking up a different course.

i love `em sooo much!

posted by jel @ 5:34 PM

my Tuesday

morning was happy.
i was very energetic during our MATH 101 class.

noon was fine.
my lunch was yummy.

afternoon was fun & SAD.
i was in FULL CHARGE during our ENGLISH class.
i was so talkative & energetic to the extent that i spilled a little secret.
i'm sooo guilty.
it's like, i wanted to commit suicide because of guilt.
i'm soooo worried `til now.

evening -- had a little fight with my mama.
this thing really ruined my day.

this made me realize what my former classmate told me before ...

"there's no perfect day.
if kaninang umaga masaya ka, meron talagang part ng day mo na malulungkot ka (vice versa)"

i'm so worried.

Lord help me please.

posted by jel @ 5:07 AM

Monday, July 20, 2009

ilang days ko ng di nabisita `tong blog ko.

*sorry blog* :(

so many stories to tell. so little time to type.

2 days prelim exam.
wooo. super stressful.
walang tulugan = malalaking eyebags.

last friday was our ACQUAINTANCE PARTY!
at least may time makapagsaya after those stressing exam days.
thank you Lord!

but 3 hours before the party,
i made a history~!
ako`y ngPANIC-BUYING ng aking isusuot.
first time kong libutin ang mall ng mag-isa.
and at last nakabili rin after 48 yrs ng paglilibot sa mall.
so umuwi ako agad. nagbihis and janan~!.
ready to party nah.

i had sooo much fun.
though `twas so hot sa venue.

posted by jel @ 7:57 AM

Sunday, July 12, 2009

i missed blogging.
the past few weeks had been very tough.

had soo many quizzes last week.
whoa! :((
the best part was, i get to know more friends.
love it!

this coming tuesday will be our prelim exams.
and on friday will be our acquaintance party!
can't think of what to wear pa.

posted by jel @ 5:41 AM

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

we had our annual "recollection" since our school is a catholic school.

a classmate brought his guitar & while they were singing happy happy during lunchtime, i remembered this song i was really hooked before.

LOVEBUG -- jonas brothers.

so i borrowed the guitar and tried to play the song.
"trying hard"

i don't know what the chords are.
so i asked my classmate to teach me how.
but still "wala akong natutunan"

siguro hindi ako feel nung guitar nya.

and the bottom line is...
si classmate na lang nagplay ng song sa guitar kesa naman ako baka magkaputol-putol yung strings.

trying hard much!

posted by jel @ 6:02 AM

Saturday, June 27, 2009

here's a text message i received from a friend:


** "i'm tired of everything"

--baket, tumatakbo ba tayo?

** "i just realized that i don't want to be attached"

--duh! staple remover, gusto mo?

** "i'm confused, i need time to find myself"

--eto world map oh, go find youself!

** "we are too different from each other"

--yeah right! kasi tao ako, hayop ka

** "narealize ko love ko pa siya"

--oh really? may pumatol pa pala sa'yo bukod sa'kin, akalain mo yun!

** "you're too immature for me"

--oo nah! gurang ka na kasi


posted by jel @ 7:48 AM